Complete Sensory Box

Complete Sensory Box
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Create a sensory corner for a child with special needs with the Linkage Sensory Box. 

At Linkage we know the value of sensory resources. Through our Linkage Sensory Bus, we have seen children progress in hugely positive ways through the power of sensory play. However, we also know how expensive sensory items can be, and how challenging it can be to determine what is value for money. 

To combat this, the Sensory Bus team - as part of the Linkage Outreach Project - has produced a kit to help you create a sensory area in your own home. We’ve taken all of the knowledge and experience we’ve gained through working with over 800 children, to bring the magic of our bus into your home, at the fraction of price of usual sensory kits.

The box contains the core items, materials and instructions needed to create a sensory corner in the home. Using the contents in the box and a few simple craft skills, users can create spaces which can calm and relax a child, or stimulate them. Spaces which can be used for sensory play, reading books and sharing stories. Spaces in which children and their parents/carers feel safe and inspired to enjoy themselves.

Unlike many other sensory corner sets, the contents of our box can be used to create four different sensory corner themes: a garden, a jungle, under the sea and outer space. This helps users get the most out of their sensory space by keeping it fresh and interesting. With a colour changing light, specially commissioned music and items to play with for each theme, the box has ideas suitable for complete beginners through to more experienced crafters. It’s great for involving family and friends too as they can help theme the areas.

Our boxes are based on what we’ve seen the majority of children visiting our bus responded well to and benefit from. We’ve only included items that have proved to be robust too. This means the spaces created are grounded in evidence of what truly works, rather than gimmicks. The items, materials and handbook supplied in the box, will support you and your child to reap the benefits of sensory play.

Contents of the box:

  • 1 x 20cm rechargeable colour changing cube light
  • 1 x CD and flashdrive of specially commissioned music with sound effects to accompany each of the 4 themes (please contact us if you want the music emailed to you)
  • 1 x vibrating 'snake' (batteries not included)
  • 1 x bag of fidgets
  • 1 x folder of patterns and ideas 
  • 8 x wooden templates
  • 4 x frames for making small mobiles
  • 10 sheets A5 glitter card
  • 10 sheets A4 holographic card
  • 10 sheets A4 foil card
  • 30 page 'how to' guide with instructions, tips and further guidance. 


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