LEGO®-based Therapy

LEGO®-based Therapy
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LEGO®-based therapy uses a young person's love of LEGO® play, as well as their strengths and interests, to develop the speech and language and social skills that are vital for communicating effectively. 

Our LEGO®-based therapy box provides all the resources and information that a school/children’s setting needs to deliver fun and effective LEGO®-based therapy sessions and reap the benefits of this approach. 

At Linkage, we use the therapy as a core part of our college programme as we have found it is great way to reach learners who might not ordinarily engage. By turning a fun and imaginative pastime into an exciting, challenging and structured session, we have seen learners enhance their communication and social skills, gain confidence, and work with peers who they would not usually interact with.

How LEGO®-based therapy works

In LEGO®-based therapy sessions, individuals work together in small groups to build a LEGO® model following instructions. Each person is assigned a role. There is usually:

  • an engineer, who has the instructions (pictorial)
  • a supplier, who has the bricks
  • a builder, who builds the model
  • a foreman or director, who makes sure everyone works as a team.

The engineer has to tell the supplier which bricks are needed and has to tell the builder where to place each brick. Each person takes turns playing the different roles, and together they build the model.

This way of working encourages individuals to use verbal and nonverbal communication skills, take turns, share, and use problem-solving skills when they are not understood.

This kit includes:

  • a range of models for building, from easy to more complex models (models in box may vary from those pictured)
  • instructions for the individual models 
  • simple presentation which can be used to explain the therapy to the children you are working with. This can also be used as a recap before every session.


Further support:

As part of our work in the community, the Linkage Outreach Project offers LEGO®-based therapy to local groups and schools at no cost. Our trained staff work along side teacher/teaching assistants and/or SENCOs to deliver sessions. This enables schools to continue with the therapy once our input comes to an end. Many schools have benefited and praised the impact it has had on their pupils. 

If you are based in Lincolnshire we can deliver these sessions remotely (while Covid-19 restrictions are in place) to your setting for free. If you are outside Lincolnshire a small fee would be chargeable.  Please see for details of how to get in touch to discuss working with us.

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